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Bringing access to high quality investments through a single, consolidated portfolio that delivers exceptional outcomes to our investors.

Unprecedented Volatility. Unequivocal Calm.

At Ekam Capital, we're here to democratise the private debt market by providing access to the highest quality real estate debt investment opportunities. We deliver this to investors through one consolidated portfolio.

In a world where investment and financial markets are as uncertain as ever, Ekam Capital seeks to deliver a smooth, stable, and reliable investment experience for investors.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Investment  Partners




Current Est. Annual Return



Twisted Wall

Take Your Portfolio to Higher Ground.

There is an abundance of opportunity out there - both in life, and in investing. Make the most of it.

High Floating Rate
Regular Income

Targeting mid-high single-digit returns, typically in excess of returns available on deposits and many fixed-income investments.

Exclusive Access to Investments

Provides access to investments typically unavailable publicly
or reserved for large wholesale/institutional

Secured Investments

Each investment is secured against real property or
business assets.

Highly Diversified Portfolio

Holding over 190 secured private debt investments, diversified by financier, counterparty, asset class and geography.

Portfolio Diversifier

Seeks to deliver a smooth and stable investment
experience, generally uncorrelated
with volatile and uncertain financial markets
- providing diversification to portfolios.

One Consolidated Portfolio

Removing the complexity and administration that comes with operating a well managed and highly diversified portfolio and bringing you a streamlined, consolidated, yet carefully constructed portfolio.

Get the latest summary of our fund here.

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Are You Ready to Unite?


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One, together, unity

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